Neil Raitt

Current/ Soon

(Solo), Valentin, Paris.
January 27th to March 24th, 2018


Misty Rock (Solo), Anat Ebgi Gallery, Los Angeles. Sep/ Oct 2017 - link
Coquet Mais Pas Trop, with Ann Craven and Armand Jalut,
Centre D'art Contemporain, Les Halle Des Bouchers, France.
Sans Titre (2016), VOL 2: Curiosites, Paris - link
Group show, Galerie Valentin, Paris (December)
Sunday Art Fair, London, (solo) Oct 2016 - link
Chasing Bridges, The Cabin LA (solo) Sep 2016 - link
MONCHÉRI, Brussels (solo) June 2016 - link
The Hermits' Cave, with Joshua Sex. theporchmuseum, NYC Feb 2016- link
Fantasy Traveller, Nicelle Beauchene, NYC, (solo) Feb - March 2016 - link

Happy Painting, Anat Ebgi, Los Angeles (solo) April 18th - May 30th 2015 - link
Post Analogue Painting, The Hole, New York. April 12th - May 24th 2015 - link
The Silence of Ordinary Things, The Mistake Room, Los Angeles, March 28th - May 9th 2015 - link

Anat Ebgi, LA

Valentin, Paris